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Recently I visited a school teacher of mine. She is one of the coolest teachers known to me- she introduced us to Escher when we were ten, and by the end of class 5, we were modelling his works in clay. I (and a friend) made this relatively easy one (I was and am pathetic at art (in the traditional sense of the word)):


But I was just 10 and not, umm as mathematical as Escher; We painted the whole thing in rainbow colours. :-)

Ma’am is over 70 years old. She still drives to school, climbs stairs to her third floor house where she lives alone and has new books and lesson plans to discuss every time I meet her. She is quite a rock star.

The question this time, is about her books. So the deal is that Ma’am has a lot of old, rare books asilverfishnd there are a lot of silverfish around the house. She asked me if it was a good idea to put all of them in plastic bags to protect them. Would the lack of air do them any damage? Which made me think, does air conditioning do anything to protect books from damage? What is the best way to preserve books? And why? Also, why do old books’ pages turn yellow?

Personally, I would be disappointed if I were forced to have an air conditioned library. It is difficult to pin point exactly why; maybe because I like reading outdoors and would like a library to allow the connection with outdoors. Air conditioned rooms are like a sealed trunk in a tree house. Maybe I’ll lament this weekend (when the Sunday post comes out). Let us see.
As always, be generous with your wisdom :-)

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  1. Great Post! Have to admit, had never heard of Escher, but I checked out some of his works.. they’re brilliant! Seemed more of a mathematician to me.
    Anyway, I always thought it was mold that causes the yellowing, which is not really correct though it can attack paper as such. Maybe you should check this out:

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