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(This is in continuation to the post: Yellow pages)

I happen to be in possession of a fabulous four volume series: Science in History by J.D. Bernal. The work has been correctly described as monumental; looking at the size and detail of the series, I initially assumed that the author spent his entire life researching this book. Of course, I was wrong. J.D. Bernal was a scientist, activist, writer and was well known in each of the domains. “Bernal appears in the novel ‘The Search’, an early work of his friend C. P. Snow.” People who have taken a course in Science, Technology, Society (especially under the same professor that I did) might remember C.P. Snow :-p.

Coming back to the history of paper, I scanned the pages on the history of paper from Bernal’s book. Considering the reference, this account is very accurate. Spare five minutes to read it. There are some very interesting details in there:


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