Yellow Pages

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(This is in response to Wednesday’s post, Book Keepers)

The question we were addressing last Wednesday, was on the science of preserving books, and understanding why old book pages turn yellow. As it often happens, there were contradictory advices on how to preserve books- some said store it in the attic, some said don’t. Some said put it in plastic bags, some sad that, that was an absolute no. But the science behind all these suggestions is consistent. Basically, because of the composition of paper it must be kept away from sun and moisture. Why is that? Read on.



The last line was not a joke. As I discovered, freezing books is actually serious business.

That is all there is for this week. Hope you found it useful :-)


Take five minutes to read about the history of paper, from J.D. Bernal’s Science in History Volume. You are sure to find some surprises in there.



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